Chiocchi - Dell'Aquila family of Avellino

Posted by Dennis Chiocchi on March 15, 2009 at 20:36:33:

My father's mother and father were both born in Valle Hamlet in Avellino. My father's father was named Antonio Gerardo Chiocchi born 1885, his father and mother were named Domenico Chiocchi (I believe he was born 1848) and Teresa Sessa. My father's mother was named Pellegrina Dell'Aquila and her father and mother were named Pellegrino Dell'Aquila and Luisa Matarassa. Any information about my family would be appreciated.

Also, I was in Avellino a few weeks ago and went for a drive in Mercogliano and got lost. I stopped to check on a map to see where I was and when I looked up to get the name of the street I noticed a sign which read "Contrada Chiocchi". I understand that this means that the section of town is named "Chiocchi" but if anyone has any other information about "Contrada Chiocchi" I would also love to know.

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