Urciuoli from San Michele di Serino to Brazil

Posted by Cleber Orsioli on February 01, 2010 at 17:37:12:

Hi everybody.
Here's Cleber Orsioli, from Brasil (Santo Andre/SP).

My relatives came from San Michele di Serino (Avellino/Campania/Italy) to Brasil (I think they arrived in Santos and after that they went to Sao Paulo - to living in other cities such as Araras and Severínia) about 1880/1905 and I'm looking for more information about that because I'm musician, I know Italy (I played a few months ago in Bologna, Roma and Milano - Busto Arsizio) and I loved so much the country. I'm returning to play again in Italy in May/2010 - probably in Torino, Trento, Busto Arsízio and Alessandria.

I know my great grandfather was Giuseppe Urciuoli (or Donato Giuseppe Urciuoli) and went to Brasil with his wife (my great grandmother - Amabile Caveluzo Urciuoli or Amabile Aveluzzo Urciuoli) bringing their two kids (at that time) called Donato and Angelim (my grandfather - Antonio "Orsioli" - born in Araras/SP/Brasil in 24th/May/1908 and died in 1999 - I don't remember the date - and he was brother of Donato and Angelim - both of them had the same last name - Urciuoli). My great grandfather had a brother called Raffaelo (or Rafael, Raffael), among others...

If you know something about my relatives history, PLEASE, get in touch... I'm looking for more informations, but because the name was changed when they arrived in Brasil it is almost impossible to start the petition of double nationality here in Brasil.

My contacts: +55 11 2325.0614 (home) / +55 11 9738.1084 (mobile)

Here in Brasil there are a lot of Orcioli's, Orciolli's, Orsioli's, Orsiolli's, Orsiolo's, Urciolo's (we blame the register officer, for sure...) and it will be awesome if I or somebody here in Brasil discover our correct history about our relatives.

That is it for now and thank you very much for the support. Have everybody a great week.
Cleber Orsioli

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