Gaetano Ricciardelli born in Accadia 1890

Posted by Gaetano Ricciardelli on July 09, 2011 at 15:23:11:

I am looking for information for my grandfather, Gaetano Ricciardelli who was born in Accadia, on Mar 14, 1890.
I've tried everything. I have a copy of my grandfather's intent to become a citizen which listed the date that his ship arrived in NY, which was the "Republic" that docked on 2/21/05. A search of the manifest did not list his name. His mother and, two sisters arrived in 1910 and I can't find any record of that occuring.

I've gone through all the passenger lists published by Ellis Island and, cannot find a single one of them. Tried to get a copy of his birth certificate. He was born in the Commune of Accadia, and I found out that in the early 1900'as Accadia was ceded to the Province of Foggia. Letters to both locations didn't produce any results.

I have copies of the 1920 and 1930 Census Repors which does show his name. I also have copies of his World War1 and World War 2 draft registrations. I am able to get a copy of my great-grandmother's birth certificate but nothing about him. Very frustration to say the least.

If anyone can help me to secure this, or any other information about my grandfather is appreciated.
Thanks, Gaetano Ricciardelli

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