Russo/Cioffi Relatives in Cervinara or just Avellino

Posted by Stacey R. on November 04, 2014 at 16:34:43:

Hi! I'm researching my family's origins and have recently figured out that my
family was from Cervinara, at least some of them. I was looking for any relatives
who might still be in Italy, or even anyone searching for the same people to swap
information. Let me give you a little bit of a history of who exactly I am looking

My great-great grandparents were born/married/had kids in the 1860's. They
immigrated to the United States in Andrea in 1899 and Erminia and the kids in
1900 respectively. In 1910 they had been married 26 Years and they had 8
children, five of them born in Italy. ((Certain censuses are confusing so
sometimes it appears like they have more, but we are sure of 8)).

My great great grandmother was Erminia Cioffi, she was born about 1863. Her
parents were Joseph Cioffi and Madelina Alberia. Around 1884, in Italy, she
married Andrea Russo, who was born about 1860. His father was Carmine Russo,
we do not know his mother's name.

Andrea Russo and Erminia Cioffi had these children:

Marcella, daughter, born about 1886 in Cervinara.
Louisa, daughter, born about 1888 in Cervinara
Charles ((or Carmine)), son, born about 1889 in Cervinara.
Chiarina ((written incorrectly as Carina)), daughter, born about 1890 in Cervinara.
Joseph, son, born about 1893 in Avellino
Mary, daughter, born -unknown-, could be in Avellino or New York.
Clara, daughter, born about 1901 in New York
Adeline (Tilly), daughter, born about 1906 in New York.

Marcella married Constantino Clemente. They had 4 Children: Louis, Arthur,
Emily, and Amadeo Clemente.

Louisa married Louis Magnotta ((Magnata)). They had 3 Children: Rose, Michael,
and Clara Magnotta ((Magnata)).

Charles married -uknown name-. They had 3 Children: Luigi, -Unknown-, and -
Uknown- Russo.

Chiarina married Ruggiero Macaluso. They had 6 Children: Angelina, Joseph,
Alfred, Anna, Phillip, and Erminia Macaluso.

Joseph married Filomena Dragonetti. They had 5 Children: Anna, Emily, Helen,
Marzia ((Marcy)), and Andrew Russo.

Mary married -unknown- Pisaniello. I don't know if they had children, but if they
did they would be Pisaniello's.

Clara married Ferdinando Russo and they had 1 Child: Erminia Russo.

Adeline (Tilly) married Peter Mercaldo. They had 4 Children: Norma, Lorraine,
Angela ((Jean or Jeannie)), and John Mercaldo.

Most Erminia and Andrea's grandchildren were married and thus had different last
names than at birth. If anyone thinks they see a connection but aren't sure
because I didn't list a married name, just respond and I will do my best to provide
the information that I have!

I'm hoping somebody on here can help us, and our cousins, gain new information
that we didn't know about before.

You can reach us at Thanks!

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