Relatives of Pitaniello family in Cervinara

Posted by Cheryl Clermont on October 23, 2015 at 18:05:24:

Looking for information on the Pitaniello Family from Cervinara. Franceso Pitaniello b 1857. His father was Carmine Pitaniello b. 1819. Last living relatives that I knew of were Aniello and Lucia Pitaniello. They were twins and had an appliance store in Cervinara. The Pitaniello family also exported chestnuts to the United States. These people have likely passed away.

Last time a family member visited relatives was in 1967:
Dina and Giuseppe Pitaniello Piazza Clemente 5
Pasquale Marotta (Rinuccia), Via Luciano Vaccariello 15
Renato Taddeo (Alfonsina), Via Lisbona Cervinara
Fernando Cioffi (Eugenia), Viale Michelangelo 57, Vomero, Napoli, Italia

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