Researching Cappuccio of Fontanarosa, Di Prisco, Riccio, Morelli, Cogliano

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Interested in the following names: Russo,
D'agostino, Di Prisco, Moscaritelo, Marino, Scala, Lo Conte, Riccio, Morelli, Morella, Vorella, Pueta, Lochiatto, Cogliano from Avellino, Grottaminarda, Montemarano, Mirabella Eclano, Fontanarosa, Ariano Irpino and possibly Benevento.

I have more information listed on the names above, but it is too much to type in. Please email me if you would like to compare notes: victoriacappuccio yahoo --com-

All of these names shared several common addresses:
240 North St. Boston, Box 64 Swampscott, MA
387 Metropolitan Ave., (Brooklyn) NYC
Francesco Cappuccio b. 7 OCT 1864 in Fontanarosa. d. unknown, New York; 1st wife: Maria Angiola Morelli Cogliano b. 2 NOV 1864 in Grottaminarda d. 26 JUL 1903 Avellino (Grottamindarda)
- 2nd wife: Carmela Di Prisco b. abt. 1878 in Mirabella Eclano
-- Siblings: Lucia Di Prisco, Emmidio Di Prisco, Antonietta Di Prisco
Parents: Pasquale Di Prisco and Rosa Moscaritelo b. abt 1853 in Montemarano, Avellino
-- Sister Lucia Di Prisco b. abt 1876 in Montemarano married Antonio Cappuccio (Francesco's brother) they had 3 children: Angiolina Gemma Cappuccio 1903-1990; Luigi Cappuccio 1913 - 1995; Giuseppe Cappuccio
- Brother Emmidio Di Prisco b. abt 1878 in Montemarano married Anna Cefalo b. abt 1886
-- Sister Antonietta Di Prisco b. abt 1885 in Montemarano married Luigi Marino b. abt 1879)
Francesco Cappuccio (b. 7 OCT 1864 in Fontanarosa) - (I believe) had six siblings:
I. Pasquale Cappuccio (b. abt 1871) married Carmela Riccio (b. 1874 - 1973)
a. Children:
i. Mary Cappuccio (b. abt 1899 in the US)
ii. Antonio Cappuccio (b. abt 1901 in the US)
iii. Philomena Cappuccio (b. abt 1903 in the US)
iv. Pasqualina Cappuccio (b. 1906 - 1986 in the US)
v. Forestina/Florence Cappuccio (b. 1916 - 2003 in the US) - could be one or two separate children.
II. Salvatore Cappuccio (b. abt 1874) married Concetta Scala (b. abt 1882)
a. Children:
i. Salvatore Cappuccio (b. abt 1908 in the US)
ii. Giuseppe Cappuccio (in the US)
III. Michele Cappuccio (b. abt MAR 1879) married Rose Di Prisco (b. abt 1886) - she could be another sibling of Lucia Di Prisco.
a. Children:
i. Julia Cappuccio (b. abt 1906 in the US)
ii. Lucy Cappuccio (b. abt 1908 in the US)
iii. Louis Cappuccio (b. abt. 1911 in the US)
iv. Laurence Cappuccio (b. abt 1919 in the
v. Alvina Cappuccio (b. abt 1921 in the US)
vi. Celeste Helen Cappuccio (b. abt 1925 -
1997 in the US)
IV. Antonio Cappuccio - see above to marriage to Lucia Di Prisco.
V. Pietro Cappuccio
VI. Felicita Cappuccio
VII. Giuseppe/a Cappuccio

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