Ritrovato from Montella

Posted by Claire on February 19, 2019 at 14:31:14:

I am looking for information on a record of "Genitori Ignoti" who was born abt. 1823 - Montella, Avellino, Italy. His son, however, did not carry the Ignoti surname, but instead the surname Ritrovato.

I am "stuck" at this point and confused as to why the surnames would differ, and don't know how to research this any further.

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Since the civil records have been made available online at antenati.san.beniculturali.it/ it is now possible to research online in the Province of Avellino from 1809 to at least 1915.
  • The expression "ignoti genitori" in Italian means unknown parents. Officers of Civil records gave a surname to foundlings that might have been invented or Esposito, Proietto, or in this case Ritrovato (=found). In later years it was established that the surname should not point to an unknown descendancy, but had to be chosen among surnames of non-residents.
  • The birth of one Riccardo Ritrovato was recorded on 20 Febr 1854. The declaration is given by a midwife, that says he was born on the 19th of January. The child was not abandoned, but for some reason tha mother could not openly recognize him. A baptism record from the parish church might supply more information.

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