112: Genealogy Research on my Grandfather

Posted by Gerry on 07/20/03 at 2:08 PM

Subject:   Genealogy Research on my Grandfather


I am attempting to locate any information on my grandfather who was born in Naples, Italy on September 9, 1879. His name is Vencenlao (Vincent) M. Colosimo. Our current family historical information has him born to a young un-wed couple that gave him up to an orphanage. Further, we are told that he was taken in and raised by a Josephine Costa. As my family understands it his surname was given to him by either the orphanage or the Italian government. He first married Clementina Negro and had four children before immigrating to the United States. He served in the United States military during World War I. When Clementina died he went back to Italy and married a woman named Rose (maiden name unknown but could also be Negro) and returned to the United States. My family maintained correspondence with Rose's family for some time in the 1960's. I am particularly interested in any information relating to Vencenlao's origins and Clementina and Rose's decedents. Also, information on Josephine Costa would be of significant benefit.

Please provide me with any information you may have or if you can direct me to alternative means for gathering such information that would be greatly appreciated.


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