Ambrosino's from Saviano

Posted by Theresa Pius on 02/27/03 at 1:56 PM

Subject:   Ambrosino's from Saviano

i am interested in any information on Pasquale and Concetta (Indiana or India) Ambrosino married in 1884 or there abouts. sons were Giacomo born in 1885, Guiseppe in 1887, Salvatore and Simone.came to America in 1896 to 1900. As far as i know Concetta was adopted. i also know of a young son that died in italy, in a fire, but i don't know his name.

Pasquale ambrosino married Concetta Indiana in italy. I do not know the year. They had 5 sons. Giacomo born in 1886, guiseppe in 1889,salvatore in 1890, simone in 1891.Another son died in a fire in italy. (I think he was 7 years old at the time). Concetta was adopted, so i don't know anything about her . She was born in 1870. As far a I know all of this took place in Saviano. Pasquale and guiseppe arrived in this country in 1900, Giacomo in 1896, and Concetta, Salvatore and Simone in 1901. I would realy like to know more about Concetta. Since first posting my request i have found out all this information myself. Guiseppe was my father.Concetta's name is also written as India. any information would help my research. Thank you.

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