208: researching Zappulo and Filippelli family history

Posted by John Ryan on 12/27/03 at 10:34 AM

Subject:   researching Zappulo and Filippelli family history

My grandparents are Alfredo Zappulo and Almerinda Filippelli - they came to the United States (New York City) as a family in 1924 along with 2 daughters. My grandfather Alfredo had been coming to New York with other members of his family for several years before the entire family came across. According to the records I have, they lived in what was then Castello d'Alife in Campania. I believe that my grandfather's parents were Pietro Zappulo and Maria D'Orazio, and that my grandmother's were Angelo Filippelli and Guiseppa Fidanza. This information all comes from old documents that are in places difficult to read, so spelling of names is possibly wrong in places.
I would be interested to know if anyone has any information related to either of my grandparents or their family trees, or if anyone has any knowledge as to how I might search for information using what I have as a starting point.

Best regards
John Ryan

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