219: re Carrara families

Posted by Jacqueline Angelantoni on 01/11/04 at 11:43 PM

Subject:   re Carrara families

I have a friend who says his great grandfather, who was a Carrara, was born in the "Province of Naples" circa 1855. I am doing research in the Tuscany Region where there are many Carrara families. After perusing through the different forums for Naples I have not come across any one researching the Carrara name. How do I find out if Carrara families lived in Naples or surroundings in the 1855's. Am I right to think that Carrara families are from the Region of Tuscany and that this great grandfather might have ventured to the Napoli area. Thank you for whatever help you can give me. By the way this friend is from Brazil. Jacqueline, Toronto, Canada

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