Posted by Anete Amorim Pezzini on 03/18/03 at 9:23 PM

Subject:   DI FRANCESCO Family

I am looking for more information about the Di Francesco family to complete my genealogical tree.

My great-grand-father was DI FRANCESCO Eugenio was born in Naples in August 16, 1862. He was married to RODRIGUES Edwiges, with whom he had to children: Livia and Braz. Still in Italy he became a widower. Then he came with his children to Brazil, in 1893. He has arrived here that year, in May, on board of Giulio Cesare steamboat. I have a note written by him, telling the date and the name of the steamboat.

His father was DI FRANCESCO Biaggio and NICCOLÓ Livia. Eugenio was a doctor.

I would like to have more data about Eugênio and his parents, even a copy of a certificato di nascita or certificato di baptism. I don't need it to get italian citizenship, because I already have it. I really want to complete my pedigree and have documents about Eugenio or whatever his baptism name can be.

Thank you in advance for any help. I can read Italian.

Anete Amorim Pezzini

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