In search for Ugo Buontempo

Posted by Gert Jan Henneberke on January 22, 2005 at 14:49:30:

I am seeking my father, whom I have never met. The only information I have is below.

Ugo Buontempo, born 1931 or 1932. Raised in Caserta where his father had a bakery.
During the period 1957-1958 he worked for restaurants in Switzerland. First in Lausanne (Ouchy) later in Basel. His sister and brother, Flavia en Sergio, were also working in Lausanne at that time.My dutch mother, Gerda den Besten , was working as an au-pair in Lausanne when they met. She went for a holiday to Holland 1959 but was not able to return. Ugo went searching for her (and me) in 1960 but did not get in contact with her.

I would be very grateful for any information which can lead to him.

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