Family of Albina Pistorio (Manao) Signoriello

Posted by Antonia Westgate on June 04, 2005 at 07:21:55:

searching for sisters, step brother, of Alba Pistorio Signoriello, daughter of Angelo Manao and Adelina (Giuseppina) Pistorio. Her stepmother was Erminia Manao. Just want to say hello and meet her family. Would like to see pictures of her or her mother and sisters. Both my mom and her sister Santina have passed away. I know there is a sister vittoria and at least two other sisters. Also a step brother she called Pippo.
There was also a sister Rita. My mother was called Albina by her family. My mother married George Signoriello in Sicily during WW2. He was an American Soldier. I am the daughter that was born in Catania. My parents lived on Via Novelugelo, by Via Etna.
My mother had an aunt Sylvia Perry who lived in America in Ohio. There was an Aunt Carmelina in Sicily. Santina had two sons, Franco and Georgio. She also had a half brother, Domenico Manao who has passed away. We simply want to learn more about my mother's young life. Any pictures, etc.

Alba had 7 children. She was a wonderful women of great dignity, someone you would have been proud to call sister. She was quite beautiful, but much more interested in being a good mother.
If you are out there, please respond.

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