Pacileo and Fasulo Family from Boscoreale

Posted by Bonnie Yahraus on March 28, 2006 at 05:05:47:

Need some help in locating info on Genarro Pacileo born in Boscotrecase around 1876. Genarro and his wife Camelia Fasulo resided in 1911 in Boscoreale. Camelia left from Naples with 3 or 4 children. Violetta, Gemina, and Fiorentina are listed as being with her at Ellis Island. There was a fourth child Michelina who should have also been listed but does not appear. Genarro left from Naples in January of 1912. I am looking for parents of Genarro. He is listed as having an uncle Bonaventura Enrhio(sp?) in Naples. I think that perhaps Camelia Fasulo his wife was from Northern Italy, but do not know this for certain. Any help would be appreciated.

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Subject: Re: Pacileo and Fasulo Family from Boscoreale
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