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I am looking for that Muller family from Fribourg/Switzerland and Napoli/Italy. baron Balthazar, Baldassarre, de Müller de Naples 1831-1904 married a Giulianova paroisse de S. Flaviano, Dorilla Fanny Francesca CARAVELLI, proprietaire terrienne, habitant a Naples, fille de Celio (14*) et Rachele ROSSI

We lost connection with that Napoli/Italy branch 80 years ago. thanks

marriage record #11, S.Giuseppe District, dated 3 MAR 1892: Giuseppe De Muller, widower, age 62, landowner, born in Naples Stella District, resident in Naples on 12 Via S.Giuseppe, son of the late Antonio De Muller who lived in Naples when he was alive and of the late Caterina Savarese who lived in Naples when she was alive, married Carolina Quaranta, widow, age 64, born in Naples Vicaria District, resident in Naples on 29 Vico Menioriani, daughter of the late Nicola Quaranta of Naples and of the late Maria Linardo.

Church marriage record issued by the Pastor of the Church of S.Flaviano in Giulianova dated 25 NOV 1872: Giuseppe Luigi Muller son of Antonio of Naples MARRIES Dorilla Fanny Caravelli daughter of Coeli Caravelli.

Don Giuseppe Luigi Baldassare De Muller , born in Naples, son of the late Don Antonio De Muller, previously married in the Parish of S.Flaviano (Giulianova) on 25 NOV 1872 and, at present, belonging to the Parish of S.Giuseppe & Cristoforo (in Naples) , resident on 12 S.Giuseppe, widower of Dorilla Fannì who died on 26 OCT 1887 and

b. Donna Carolina Carmela Rosa Quaranta , born in Naples, daugther of the late Don Nicola Quaranta, previously married on 27 MAR 1871 in the Parish of S.Gennaro all'Olmo, resident in on 27 Vico Maiorini, widow of Don Pietro Saverino who died on 15 JAN 1889 in this parish (S.Gennaro all'Olmo).

Baptism record for Giuseppe De Muller BORN IN NAPLES!:

Baptism record dated 19 FEB 1831 issued by the pastor of the Parish of SS.Annunziata di Fonseca of Naples for Giuseppe Luigi Baldassare Nicola De Muller son of Don Antonio De Muller and of donna Catarina Savarese. Note, the record states that the child was born in 17 FEB 1831.

I checked the civil records in Naples for the STELLA district in which is located the church of SS.Annunziata di Fonseca and I found his civil birth record:

-BR 17 FEB 1831, Stella district, Giuseppe Luigi Baldassare Nicola De Muller son of Don Antonio Simone Tobbia De Muller of Fribourg, Swizterland, age 35, Captain of the 2nd Swiss Regiment, resident in Naples on 62 Strada Materdei and of Donna Caterina Savaraese age 23. Footnoted on the record is the reference to his second marriage, it reads: "on 3 MAR 1892 he married Carolina Quaranta".

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