Colangelo, Coletta

Posted by Drema Colangelo on April 06, 2010 at 04:56:20:

Hi all, I'm attempting to research my husband's Italian surname with very little to go on. So your help is greatly appreciated.

Nicolo "Nick" Colangelo b. Feb 06, 1876 in Naples (according to Nick) and died Mar 19 1951 in Welch, McDowell County, West Virginia.

A marriage record for Nick lists his parents a Giovanni (or possibly Gionni) Balisto COLANGELO and Fortunata/oto COLETTA. According to his first marriage record Nick was born about 1881. Judging by his second marriage record he was born about 1879. For my records I chose to use the date of birth found on his WW1 Draft Registration Card.

The 1910 census lists year of immigrations as 1902 and the 1920 census list it as 1898, which I believe to be correct. Nick either said he traveled to the US with an uncle or he was met by an uncle after he got to the US. I found a passenger list for a Nicola Colangelo b. abt. 1877 arriving May 22 1893 in New York from Napoli.

Nick often mentioned two brothers he called "Tony" and "Charles". Nick was visited one time by a nephew named Joe/Joseph Colangelo. I'm not sure which brother Joe belonged to.

Nick said one of his brother moved to Missouri or Minnesota and the other stayed in the New York/New Jersey area.
I have been trying to find Joe/Joey/Joseph Colangelos with hopes of making a connection but so far have failed.

We know Nick had other siblings including a sister named Madeline. And there was mention of Nick having a twin.

Often names are passed down the through the family so I wanted to share the names of his children:
1. Sarah Madeline (Sarah was Nick's mother-in-laws name; Madeline his sisters name)
2. Johnny Gilbert (Named after Nick's father)
3. Charles Henry (Nick mentioned a brother named Charles)
4. Donald Gordon (died in the war)
5. Abner Blaine
6. Nickolas Eugene (named after Nick of course)
7. Narvel York
8. Lucian Asbury
9. Hal Cody or Coty (possibly one words such as Halcody)

I know this isn't a ton of info to give anyone to work with but it's all I have right now. I deeply appreciate any leads, hunches, and really good guesses.

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