Cognome Carrara

Posted by Herbert Oliveira Carrara De Almeida on February 05, 2018 at 08:47:16:

It is possible the variations of the name: Carraz, Carras,
Carrar, carrese, carrarese. Charrie, Charrieri, Carraro,
Cararo, Carara.

Pietro (Gennaro / i), my great-great-grandfather, was
son of giovanni antonio carrara and Maria elisabelle (or
elisabetta) di Alfania and married in Sacramento, Minas
Gerais, Brazil, on 10/22/1888. He was probably born on
05/28/1855, Regione Campania (probably Napoli) or
Puglia (probably Taranto). He died in Sacramento, Minas
Gerais, Brazil, on November 14, 1905. His children
were: Gerardo, Ezabet, Giovanni, Pietro Simone and

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