Surnames - De Christofaro/Christofaro/Christofano and Caista

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I was wondering if you can assist me.
Below is details as to a Dominico and
Helana from Italy that I am looking
for. According to my Grandma, her
Grandpa Antonio De Cristofaro was an
only child. I found on his wedding
paperwork his dad and mom's names,
hence I am looking for them. I do not
know where in Italy Antonio was born
(my Grandma knows of a Naples and
Calabria connection and Antonio's wife
Teresa and her family were from

Might you be able to assist with the
questions to these 3 people below?

Antonio's Dad
Dominico Christofaro (Born between
1825-1855 in Italy)
*alternate last name spelling –
Cristofaro, Cristoforo, Cristofero,
Cristofano, Christopher, De
Christofaro, Di Christofaro, D
Christofaro and Christofano with the
different spellings*
**When was Dominico born ? Where was
he born/lived ? Who were his parents ?
Does he have any siblings?**

Antonio's Mom
Helana Caistall (Born between 1825-
1855 in Italy)
*alternate first name spelling –
Helene, Elana, Elena* *alternate last
name spelling Caistale or other*
**When was Helana born ? Where was she
born/lived ? Who were her parents ?
Does she have any siblings?**

Antonio De Cristofaro (Born 1870 in
Immigrated in 1890, moved to Toronto,
Ontario, Canada
Teresa Miceli (Born 1880 and Died in
They married in 1900
Had several children from 1902 to
Antonio (Died in 1953)
**Where was Antonio born ? Does he
have any siblings ?**

Please and Thank You Very Much,
Colette Berube

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