Rizzo in Naples

Posted by Cindy on 05/24/03 at 10:35 AM

Subject:   Rizzo in Naples

Ciao all, I am wondering if any one has Mirco films for any town in Napoli, , I am trying to locate where in Naples my g. uncle Francesco Rizzo died, he was born in Spezzano Grande Cosenza Calabria aka Spezzano della sila in the late 1800's, still trying to find his birth record. He moved to Naples and opened some famous Cafe, this is all the info I have on him. I have the Micro films for Spezzano, from 1846- 1865, and have not found his birth record as of yet. If anyone has Micro films for Naples could you check for me. You can email me privately.Thank you cindy rizzoemailbellarizzo29@hotmail.com

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