96: Looking for POLIDORO relatives

Posted by Raymond Polidoro on 07/01/03 at 10:45 PM

Subject:   Looking for POLIDORO relatives

Attempting to locate any relatives of mine named POLIDORO. My Father has since past, but my Great Grandfather's name we were never sure of the spelling (Enoboli) American spelling like Hannabal. (father of JOHN) (grandfather of JOHN HANNABAL/Eugene Polidoro).

ANY information, or even hunches to assist me in locating these relatives would be GREATLY appreciated. I am the Oldest of my Great Grandfather's , Great grandsons and I would like to not let any possible connections fade with these names that I know to pass on to other family members and our children. My name is RAYMOND POLIDORO of the Philadelphia/South Jersey area.

Please send me an e-mail if you even think that you might know any one of those names or POLIDOROs from Napoli. THANK YOU


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