Spiotta/Stolicny Valva

Posted by Francis M. Spiotta on September 07, 2005 at 16:30:27:

Dear Florence,
Hi, it was back 2003 we spoke on this message board. Since then my cousin has visited Valva. He brought back records of birth and marriage. Seems my grandmother switched her first and middle names. Since none of my cousins ever knew this we do not think any of there nine childern ever knew. She was born in Valva Maria Teresa Cozza ( same name as your aunt ) on 7/18/1878 to Michele and Clorinda "Papio" Cozza.
Grandfather Francesco Antonio Spiotta born Valva 1867 to Antonio and Poriza "Perna" Spiotta. My grandfather came to America around 1885/86 returned to Valva marring in 1902. Came back to America settling in Batavia,NY, with many Valvase families following after. I thought it was interesting that your Aunt and my grandmothers name was the same, must be a connection between Cozza and Spiotta. You previousoly mentioned your brother, could he have been born in Westfield, NY. We had relatives there last name of Marcello.

Gods Blessings,
Francis Spiotta

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