Ferdinando Desiderio & Maria D'Agusto

Posted by Victor Galletto on October 19, 2005 at 03:08:31:

Ferdinando Desiderio Dec 08,1905 Came to the USA From Capaccio, Salerno, Italy to visit Cousin Vito Desiderio.
Wife Maria D'Agusto birth: 8 Apr 1887, Nov 05 1906 came to the USA From Capaccio, Salerno, Italy with daughter Ma.Carmina Desiderio to join Ferdinando Desiderio, husband.
They had others children in NYC:
Desiderio, Angelina 1912 - 1988
Desiderio, Joseph 1914 - 1987
Desiderio, Mary, DeBisceglie 1907 - 1993
Desiderio, Salvatore 1910 - 1978
Desiderio, Theresa, Gugliemella 1916 - 1989
Desiderio, Vito

If you think you are related please contact me.
Victor Galletto

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