Millo, Campagna, Viggiano,

Posted by Campagna on September 08, 2008 at 04:30:23:

I have some papers with many names on them and I'm looking for possible relatives. One a letter sealed from Carlo Emmanuelle Prin Piedmonte, to Giacomo Millo, Cardinale Rome dated 1757; another seems to be a deed 1797 either a deed which shows lineage or a cannon of sainthood showing family members and is sealed by the Duke of Parma, and Maire Antione Du Boulingnez; and another quite old that mentions Tommasulo and is signed by two apparent English/Franco royals and co-signed by somebody named Ferdinand. Another is something in both latin and hebrew... Lots of names and my grandparents were known to be from Potenza and Salerno, but before that who knows. What peasants were doing with these things I do not know.

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