Giffoni Sei Casali- Russomando & Di Muro

Posted by JML77 on July 17, 2010 at 01:51:23:

I've just started researching my ancestry and am seeking information on the following people. I'm especially looking for Italian birth dates, marriage dates, and the names of Michele's and Giovanna's parents as well as their mothers' maiden names.

Michele Russomando (b. ca. 1866, Immigrated to USA 1896- likely from Giffoni Sei Casali, Settled New York City, Died 1911); Worked as a grocer in NYC; Likely married Giovanna Di Muro in Italy prior to departing for US- year unknown but date could be May 11th

Giovanna Di Muro (b. ca. 1887); Immigrated to USA in 1908 from Giffoni Sei Casali, returned to Italy 1910 while pregnant, then returned to USA in 1911 with infant daughter Filomena Russomando; Settled New York City, Died ca. 1921; First name may have been Maria- but went by Giovanna/Joanne
Carmine Di Muro (b. ca 1865); Father of Giovanna, name noted in a comment on the ship manifest for one of her voyages to the USA

Mariuche (Maria/Mary?) Russomando / Di Muro (b. 1870s-1890s?); After both Michele and Giovanna died, their children were sent to live with an aunt in New York referred to a Tzi Marichue (no clue on spelling, considering family dialect could be Mariuccia); Sister to either Michele or Giovanna; Married surname might sound something like "Lemmo"; Had a daughter or niece in NY the by the name of Lori- married surname might be Elliott

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