Dicandilo from Scerni

Posted by Susan on January 17, 2011 at 22:07:33:

I am trying to trace my husband's roots. I am waiting for information from his grandmother, but what I have right now is this:

Her mother is Rose Assunta Buche (I think Buche is her maiden name, according to an obituary for one of her children). She was from Italy, but I'm unsure from where. I think she was born in 1898 and came to the United States in 1901.
Her father was Guiseppe (Joseph) DiCandilo, from Scerni Province, Chieti, Italy. He was born in November 1888. He traveled to America at age 16. He left Napoli, Italy 2 March, 1905 on the ship Liguria. He arrived at Ellis Island, New York on 17 March, 1905. On the ship's manifest, it says he was going to stay with a cousin, Panfilo Pomponio, I think in NJ, but the writing is not clearly legible. I cannot locate any information on this cousin (the only Panfilo Pomponio I can find arrived AFTER 1905). I am trying to trace back the family from there.
If anyone can at least help to get me started, I'd appreciate it!

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