Flori, Di Berardino (Berdine), & Di Giacomo from Castel Frentano

Posted by Lynn Prettyman on January 26, 2011 at 22:59:01:

Looking for anyone who may be from Castel Frentano and related to these families. They all lived in Castel Frentano and emigrated to Windber, PA between 1904-1912. Domenic Flori/Rita Berdine; Felides Diberardino (Berdine)/ Nenfa Digiacomo. Nenfa had a brother, Stefan, and 2 cousins, Federico and Annunziato. Annunciato had an aunt, Regina Di Giacomo, who married Raffaele Di Piero. (They settled in Philadelphia.)

Also, is anyone familiar with variations of the name BOOZ? This is another name from Castel Frentano, but I have only found it twice in the Ellis Island Immigration records. I really need help with this.

Lynn Prettyman, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

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Subject: Re: Flori, Di Berardino (Berdine), & Di Giacomo from Castel Frentano
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