Searching for relatives of D'Onofrio-Assetta from Villamagna

Posted by JF Lichtenwalner on March 14, 2011 at 19:03:01:

Looking for relatives of Alfonso D'Onofrio and Maria Assetto D'Onofrio born in Villamagna who emigrated to the USA between 1905 and 1910. Daughter named Elvira D'Onofrio stayed behind in Chieti province and later married Mr. Iuliani. She had 5 children - 1 girl who remained in Italy and 4 sons (2 moved to Canada - Alfonso and Joseph); 1 moved to Venezuela and 1 moved to Argentina (Levio). Please reply with any information.

Update from Forums' Editor

Since the civil records have been made available online at it is now possible to ascertain that:
  • Nicola Alfonso d'Onofrio was born in Villamagna in 1878 (no. 32) of Camillo and Maria Vincenza Mennucci
  • He married in Villamagna in 1899 Maria Vincenza Assetta
  • Daughter Elvira was born in 1900 (no. 56), married 1918 in Vacri

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