Di Gironimo and Frattasio from Fallo

Posted by Vincent Jerome on May 30, 2011 at 13:40:44:

Hello-I am trying to complete my genealogy tree with information regarding my grandparents. If anyone has additional information please feel free to fill in the blanks regarding whereabouts, etc. Most of my relatives were born in Fallo, Province of Chieti, Abruzzi, Italy.

-- Grandfather Vincenzo Di Gironimo
-- Grandmother Biancadora Fratasia
Paternal grandparents: Nicolo Di Gironimo, Brigida Marianna
Maternal grandparents: Leopoldo Frattasio, Filomena Maiocco

Any info would be helpful. Thanks,
Vincent Jerome (Di Geronimo)
Williamstown, NJ USA

Update from Forums' Editor

Since the civil records have been made available online at http://www.antenati.san.beniculturali.it/, it was possible to ascertain that:
  • Frattasio Leopoldo married Maiocco Domenica Filomena in Fallo in 1869, record no. 1
  • Leopoldo was the son of late Giuseppe, 22, milliner, and originary of Maddaloni, presently province of Caserta. There is another Frattasio, Antonio, also from Maddaloni, marrying in 1881
  • The Frattasio surname still appears today in the whitepages for Maddaloni
  • In 1873 there is a marriage record for a Francesco (not Nicola) Di Gironimo and Mariano Brigida

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