Looking for American/USA Carinci relatives from Crecchio

Posted by Mirko Di Pietro on November 29, 2013 at 15:04:46:

Hello everyone!
I'm using this website upside-down, I'm Italian and I'm looking for relatives in America, probably in the USA.
I know that five sisters and a brother of my maternal grandfather settled in USA when they were young and they were from Crecchio, Chieti province, in Abruzzo, Italy. The correct name of the place is CRECCHIO, but I read a lot of miswriting, such as Crecchia, Crucchio. So, probably they went to the USA after 1920-1930. We have no contact with our relatives in America/USA because my mother and her brothers and sisters lost contact with their uncles.

My grandfather was Vincenzo Carinci, born in Crecchio (Abruzzo, Italy) in 1913. His sisters who emigrated to the USA were Teresa Carinci (or Teresina), Angela Carinci (or Angelina), Lisa Carinci (or Luisa o Lisetta), Assunta Carinci and Maria Carinci and his brother was Giuseppe Carinci.
Their parents (my great-grandfather and great-grandmother) were Antonio Carinci and Maddalena (I don't know her maiden surname). I don't know when my grandfather brother and sisters were born, but probably they were born before 1913, and I don't know if they resided in Crecchio or they left Crecchio and went to live in another place before leaving for the USA. I tried to find them on Ellis Island website but couldn't, I found these names on other websites but I don't know when they were born so it is quite useless.

I know that also a cousin of my mother, Erminio Carinci settled in the USA, his father was Paolo Carinci (another brother of my grandfather Vincenzo) but I don't know his mother's name.
I know that a lot of people from Crecchio and the neighboring towns (such as Tollo, Canosa Sannita, Miglianico) settled in Pennsylvania especially in Philadelphia or in New York, Glens Falls and Brooklyn.
I would like to ask any Carinci who lives in the USA or anyone who knows a Carinci to let me know if they are one of the aforementioned Carinci.

Waiting for some relatives, I send you my greetings from Italy.

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