Caporrella-Camiscia marriage

Posted by Fabiana on May 07, 2019 at 23:41:34:

I am looking for my mother's grandmother. I have gone through hundreds of Caporrellas, however it seems that she does not belong to any of those families.
She married Camillo Camiscia, born and they had 6 children. I found Camiscia's birth certificate in Guardiagrele and their children's birth certificate,but I cannot find any information about the Camiscia - Caporrella's wedding or Liberata Caporrella's birth certificate.
Camillo was born in 1848 so I assume that she was born between 1840 and 1858 (given their children's age.
Please, any information or help are welcome.
Molte Grazie

Update from Forums' Editor

Since the civil records have been made available online, it is now possible to ascertain that:
  • The marriage between Camillo Camiscia and Liberata Caporrella was in Lanciano, Year 1872, april 2, no. 39. Liberata Caporrella was born in Lanciano about 1846.

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