Settefrati - looking for Pellicci's and Massarella's

Posted by Robin on May 27, 2008 at 23:34:28:

My grandfather, Tomasso Pellicci, was born in Settefrati on October 25, 1895. He had a brother named Feliciano (I think) who left Settefrati in 1906.

Thomas came to the US, met and married Addolorata Massarella. She was born in New York but her parents were also from Settefrati. Their names were Gaetano Massarella, born about 1866. He died in New York in 1930. He was married to Concetta Buzzeo who was born December 8, 1862 in Settefrati. She died in NY in 1950.

If anyone can give me any suggestions I'd love to hear from you. My parents, who visited Settefrati in the 1980's, told me that it's very small. Perhaps knowing the name and address of the church would help.

Thank-you...Robin Pellicci Moore

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