San Donato Val di comino

Posted by John Cardarelli on March 17, 2010 at 02:03:37:

I visited in September 2005 and truly enjoyed it. I went with no information or plan, just recollections of conversations with my Mother. I came back with pictures that I shared with my sisters and brother. One of my sisters and brother are twins, both born in San Donato. Both left there when they were just three years old with my Mother for the U.S.
My sister surprised me one day saying that as part of her bucket list of things to do that she would like to visit San Donato also. So we are arranging to go back to back to visit in October. This time we plan to spend at least a couple or three days there hopefully with a plan of things to do and places to visit and tracing some family roots.
Can you recommend any places of interest that we can add to our list? Any information would certainly be very helpful.


John Cardarelli

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