Pasquale Coletta

Posted by Christine Day (Hart) on April 10, 2012 at 03:25:22:

I am married to Allan Hart, his great grandmother was Gemma Coletta, married to Pasquale. His Grandma was Concetta Coletta, and whom married Harry Crompton in Aldershot Hampshire UK in 1937. They had two children Veronica and William and migrated to Australia from bolton Lancashire in 1950. A little bit more of Pasquale, he apparently as family history tells, left his 4 daughters and his wife Gemma in the UK and returned to Italy just before WW2. he took all the family funds, left his wife and girls destitute. War broke out and he lost the lost, my mother-in-law Veronica said if she returned to Cervaro she would dance on his grave!!! So there is much bitterness about Pasquale. Very Italian eh??
How are you related? It is fascinating isn't it?

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