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Posted by Chris G on July 11, 2015 at 22:57:29:

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Monique - my great-grandfather is Archangelo Gobbo but I believe his brother was named Joseph. Eugenio must have been a cousin or other relative as Archangelo was from Frosinone Italy. Archangelo fought in WWI and as the family story goes, rescued a French officer from the field during a mustard gas attack. When he returned to the US he contracted tuberculosis as a result being exposed to mustard gas during the war. He passed away in 1938 but had 6 children with my great-grandmother - Jean, Violet (Vi), Lorraine, and three boys who all died during child hood after contracting tuberculosis from Archangelo. My grandma Jean was born and raised in Philadelphia before marrying. Unfortunately that entire side of my family has passed - my great-aunt Vi actually just passed away a few months ago, but I did see her just before. She told me I looked just like her father Archangelo which I found funny.
Anyway I guess you're a distant cousin of mine and wanted to give you some additional information

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