Born in Penne 1956 & searching for my roots

Posted by Patricia Ryder on May 28, 2012 at 03:01:39:

I'm searching for roots in Penne. My biological mother wanted a better life for me so she left me at the Foundling Hospital on April 7th, 1956 to be put up for adoption by Catholic Charities. All I have to go on is that I am female and born March 8, 1956. I was given a false name from the Registrar's office of Patrizia Lenuzzi and adopted by my American family on 12/24/58 the Conda's. My biological mother and I were given a Wasserman test so I hope to check all the hospitals in Penne for my medical records. Any help with this info would be greatly appreciated!!

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Subject: Re: Born in Penne 1956 & searching for my roots
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