Capricci family of Loreto Aprutino

Posted by Cindy Comer on December 09, 2014 at 21:37:38:

Looking for any information on the Capricci family of Loreto Aprutino. My grandfather came to US in 1909. His passport states his father's name was Clementino and his mother's name was Maria diSilvestro. Thanks!

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From records made available online at
  • Civil records for Loreto Aprutino are online 1809-1928. Some data for the Capricci family are listed below:
  • Record of death 1926, no 51, img 28: 5 may 1926, Clemente Capricci, 64, born in Loreto, of late Nicola and late Maria Nicola D'Addazio, husband of Maria Giuseppe Di Silvestre; address: contrada Carliera.
  • A few days before, 26 April 1926, no 49, img 27: death of a daughter: Giacinta Capricci, 26, born in Loreto of Clementino and Maria Giuseppe Di Silvestre, wife of Liberatore Domenico.
  • Marriage record no. 38 1885, img 40: Clementino Capricci, 24, born in Loreto of living Nicola and Maria Nicola D'Addazio; with Maria Giuseppe Di Silvestre, 24, born in Loreto of Pietrangelo and Teresa Di Zio
  • Record of death 16 June 1911, no 86, img 49: Nicola Capricci, 81, born in Loreto, of late Domenico and late Colantonio Domenicangela, husband of Maria Nicola D'Addazio; address: contrada Fiorano.

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