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Posted by Rose Ingala on September 07, 2004 at 01:07:05:

Please send any information anyone might have.

I really do not know if my Paternal grandparents were from Sicily. I have heard they were and I have heard they were from around Naples. I have also heard one of them was from Sicily and one of them was from around Naples.

My Maternal grandfather was from Salaparuta. My mom says his surname was spelled Di Maria in Sicily and it was changed to De Maria in the USA. I have searched over different sites of the web but have not found any information about them.

The blank spaces below mean I don't know. The question marks mean it might be true.
I have information about my Maternal grandmother but I will send it to a different forum. I have heard she was born in Volturara Irpina, Avellino

Paternal Grandfather: Salvatore Ingala
Date of Birth (DOB): 2-1-1889
SS# issued in Massachusetts: 023-24-5985
Place of birth (POB):
Place and Date of Immigration: Boston ?
Date of death (DOD): August 1971 /Everett, Middlesex, Massachusetts 02149
Fathers name (FN): Mothers name (MN):

Paternal Grandmother: Carmela Mingoia DOB: POB: DOD: 1-15-1958 ?
Place and Date of immigration: Boston ?

Salvatore and Carmela: (Paternal grandparents) Settled in Boston, MA
Date & Place of Marriage:
Lillian & Arthur Coluntino Children: Joyce, Richard
Connie & Chet Sava Children: Bobby, Diane
Charlie DOB:3-18-1918 & Frances Ingala Children: JoAnn, Camille Moved to Visalia, CA.
Mary DOB:10-12-1919 & Sandy Giampapa Children: Gary, Gail, Greg
Nicholas & Antoinette DeMaria Ingala(My Parents)
Lee & Joe Ardagna Children: Ronnie, Jerry, Joey
Joe & ? Ingala Children: None
Rose & Arthur Ferarro Children: David, Ted
Sonny never married, no children

Maternal Grandfather: Jasper De Maria DOB: 6-13-1891
SS#: 495-03-8409 issued in Missouri
DOD: 5-1-1976 Merriam, Johnson, Kansas 66203
POB: Salaparuta, Sicily Province of Trapani
Date & place of immigration: Probably Ellis Island He was 13 years old 1904
Do not know if the family emigrated together.

FN: Gaspar Di Maria 1837-1915 MN: Anna Maria (went by Marie)DOD: Nov. 1922

Gaspar DiMaria and Anna Maria ? Surname (Maternal great grandparents) Settled in Kansas City, Missouri
Date and place of Marriage: Italy Probably Salaparuta Sicily
Children all born in Italy
Louisa: Stayed in Italy
Margaret: Stayed in Italy
Joe (Gieuseppi) Stayed in New York
The rest of the children settled in Kansas City, Missouri
Calogera (Kelly) Palermo
Annie Palermo
Teresa 1890-1943 Leon(e)
Jenny Benevenuto
Jasper(My Grandfather)

Thank You,
Rose Ingala

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