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Posted by Mary Soranno on April 10, 2005 at 04:27:04:

Thank you for writing!
My mother-in-law is Janina Soranno. Janina was the oldest of Carmela's & Giacomo's 5 children. Janina (aka Granny) passed away a little over a year ago. Dec. 16, 2003. In the process of sorting old papers & photos I got interested in researching the families.

I have some information going back to 1817 which is the birthday of Antonio Amato and his wife Margarita Borgellieri b. 16 Mar 1823. Hopefully it is correct.

I would love any information that you have for the Amatos or any of the families that are connected to them.

Granny really never talked about her family and sadly none of us ever thought to ask. Now that she is gone I am going nuts trying to fill in the blanks.

Do you by chance have a photo of Carmela Amato? None of Janina's children have one.
I know my husband (Sam) and his sisters would be thrilled to have a picture of her.

I would be happy to send you the information I have for the Amato/Bomegna/Soranno branch of the family if you would like it. I am still gathering the names and dates for the grand children & great grand children but would be happy to update you as I go.

Do you happen to know anything about Giacomo (Jack) Bomegna? I am at a dead end for his family. I found an Ellis Island ship manifest that lists a Giacomo Benvegna from Carini that fits the age and time frame but other than that I have nothing.

I also have some older wedding pictures that may be of interest to you. I just finished restoring Janina's & Sam's wedding and I knwo the witneses were Rose Notaro and Joseph Amato.

Thank you again for writing, I hope we are able to fill in some of the missing links for one another.

Best wishes,
Mary Soranno

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