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Ciao Mary,

I am not sure where I should begin.
First of all I remember the name Soranno as a kid.
Did the Sorannos live in the Detroit area?

I also got interested in genealogy when I was going through some old papers
from my parents.

Most of the Bomenga/Amato family information I have came from talking to and meeting with
Fina (Bomenga) Santalucia (recently deceased) and Petrina (Bomenga) Zaker.
They were family friends of my parents, Sam & Nora Notaro.
Here is what I have for Bomenga/Amato (I am not sure how this will show on this service, we may have to go to direct email, mine is

Giacomo *BUNOVEGNA-BOMEGNA b: in Carni, Palermo d: 13 Oct 1929 in Detroit, MI
+Carmela AMATO b: 15 May 1890 in Cerda, Palermo d: 27 Oct 1921 in Detroit, MI
...Tania "Jania" BOMEGNA b: Dec 1913
...Rose BOMEGNA b: 1914
...Tophania "Fina" BOMEGNA b: 11 May 1915 in Detroit, MI d: 08 May 1999 in St Clair Shores, MI
...+Pasquale SANTALUCIA b: 16 Nov 1910 d: 07 Feb 1985
.....Paul SANTALUCIA b: 31 Oct 1937 d: 21 Sep 1990
.....John SANTALUCIA d: 26 Oct 1930 in Detroit, MI
.....Carmela SANTALUCIA
.....Serafina SANTALUCIA
.....Patrica SANTALUCIA b: 20 Dec
John BOMEGNA b: 1916 d: 26 Oct 1930
Petrina BOMEGNA b: 02 Sep 1920 in Detroit, MI
...+Harold ZAKER
.....Thomas ZAKER

*BUNOVEGNA was the last name on Carmela Amato's death cert

I would be most interested in finding more information about the marriage of
Antonio Amato and his wife Margherita Borzellieri.
In fact, last month I wrote a request
to the local church in Cerda for their marriage record.
The Civil records from FHC show that Antonino married Giuseppa Borzellieri in 1843
but all the records of the childern of Antonino show Margherita Borzellieri as their mother.
Also the Civil records show that the same Giuseppa Borzellieri married Carmello Battaglia
in 1845- Antonino was still alive.
I would like very much to know who the real Borzellieri wife of Antonino Amato was.
By the way, according to the FHC records, Giuseppa Borzellieri and Margherita Borzellieri
were born in Cerda a day apart.

I would also be interested in seeing the wedding picture that you showing Rose Notaro and Joseph Amato.
Rose Notaro (my aunt) was the daughter of Cruciano "John" Notaro and Margherita Amato.
Joseph Amato was the son of Antonino Amato and Rosalia Notaro a brother & sister married
a brother & sister they are like my double relatives. Joseph Amato's son is Joe Amato,
a dear cousin of mine who is also researching his Amato family.

I would also like to know who were the spouses of Carmela's childern.
I will check through my parent's old fotos to see if their are any of Carmela Amato.

Sorry, I don't know any more about Giacomo Buonvegna/Bomegna or why his last name was changed. My guess is that it was changed to me more American.

So very nice to have 'met' you and many thanks for the quick reply.
I am sure that there are many more family issues we can share.

Viva la famiglia!

John Notaro

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