DeCola (diCola) and DeLisi (diLise)- Surnames

Posted by Robert Burns on January 26, 2006 at 00:25:20:

I am researching DECOLA & DELISI Surnames. My great-grandparents Antonio DeCola (born Feb. 1856) & Marie Lise (Delisi) DeCola (born March 1860) came from Palermo, Sicily. I do not know the city. I am leaning toward Termini Imerese. He came to the US in 1883 & her in 1887. First going to Colorado, then settling in McDonald, Washington County, PA. Their children: Peter (Pietro) born Feb. 1883 in Sicily, Mariano (born June 1887 in Colorado), Marie (born Dec. 1888 in CO.), Angelina (Jenny, Jane) born Oct. 1892 in PA, and Antonio born Aug. 1896 all settled in McDonald, PA. If they followed naming traditions - Antonio DeCola's parents would be Pietro & Marie and Marie DeLisi's parents would be Mariano & Angelina. That is a BIG if. I am stuck at this generation. Any suggestions, web site direction or contact from other DeCola's or DeLisi's would be appreciated. I have more information on younger generation if that helps. I have not been able to get Antonio's naturalization paperwork (1903 in PA). Please email if you have a family connection or great idea for me to pursue. Thank you so very much. - Rob

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