Looking for Zingales & Fabio relatives from Longi, ME Sicily

Posted by Francine (Nardi - Zingales) Nardolillo on June 24, 2006 at 16:40:21:

Looking for relatives from Sicily. Grandfather Cologero Zingales (could also be spelled without the "s") arrived at Ellis Island on 5/6/1903, age 24.
Grandmother Maria Rosa Fabio arrived on 6/30/1906 at age 19 but then returned immediately to Sicily as she could not locate Cologero at Ellis Island. She traveled back to the USA arriving on 6/28/07 from Palermo on the ship Giulia. According to both ship manifests, she was traveling under her married name Zingales (later voyage listed her name as Mrs. Rosa Fabio Lingales (misspelled last name). They settled in Cleveland Ohio -- in the "Little Italy" area. House was on East 126th St. In July 1973 a few Zingales cousins from Italy (Sicily?) visited Cleveland, Ohio. I only remember Pina (who I believe was engaged to be married). My mother received a note from them (her name was Frances (Mrs. Nick) Nardi after the visit. There is no return address, but the postmark is from S Agata Militello 98076. I believe my grandfather had 3 brothers. My grandmother had at least a few sisters and brothers. She also had a cousin who lived next to her on E126th St in Cleveland, OH. Any information would be appreciated.

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