Gugliotta, Ferrara, Panto & Andronaco Families

Posted by tina ditoma on March 30, 2007 at 01:02:15:

I am researching my husbands family on his mother's line. Santa Gugliotta was born in Ali, Messina Province January 1909. Her parents, Giovanne Gugliotta (b. 1889)and Guiseppa Ferrara (b 1889) brought her to the US in 1913 where they settled in upstate NY. Giovanne Gugliotta's parents were Carmelo Gugliotta and Santa Andronaco (no birth dates). (There may have been 2 Carmelo's, family story is that Santa married Carmelo Gugliotta,#1, he died and she then married his 1st cousin whose name was also Carmelo Gugliotta) They had several other children,Carmelo (b 1881), Francesca (b 1880), Nunciatta (b ?), Pietro (b. 1887), and Guiseppe (b 1892) All of these children with the exception of Nunciatta who may have died young immigrated to the USA, following the older brother, Carmelo and his wife Dominica Panto. They all settled in upstate New York where their families remain, for the most part, today. Guiseppa Ferrera's parents were Giovanne Ferrara and Caterina Panto, estimated birth dates about 1869. Giovanne and Caterina had several children in addition to Guiseppa, Salvadore, Giovana, Carmela, Pasquelina, Natalie, and Guiseppe. All children immigrated to the US except Salvadore Ferrara (Sam) who visited several times but chose to remain and raise his family in Sicily. Family still lived there as late as the 1980's, because Giuseppa made two seperate trips to visit and Sam and he and his son (Miguel ?) came to the US to visit. Since Giuseppa and her children have died, we have lost any contact. Miguel had become a priest, but dont know what province. Sam had other children, a son Giovanne and a daughter, his wife's name may have been Antonette. Any assistance on where I may find information will be greatly appreciated.

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