Need to know more on Migliaccio Family please help!

Posted by jordan on October 23, 2013 at 21:22:21:


I have been searching for quite a while now looking for information on my mother's fathers side of the family. When my family came over from Sicily they changed the name from Migliaccio to Milaccio. And that's where I pretty much hit a dead end. I know very little but will tell you all that I know.

My grandfather's name is - Joseph Milaccio he has a brother named Anthony Milaccio. His Father is named Michael Milaccio but may have been born Anthony Michael Milaccio or Joseph Michael Milaccio, married a Carrie Catherine Cassell, she went by Catherine and her last name was also changed and we do not know what her original name is as well.

His Grandmother is named- Louise Skiano or Schiano there is a debate on spelling. She was born in 1882 in Italy. She arrived in New York in 1905 at age 23. A Census from 1930 says she lived Philadelphia. She got divorced and married a Ralph Schiano. But, I came across a paper that had a louise schiano married to a salvatore schiano so ralph may not be his name either. we do not know her maiden name. There is no marriage license, divorce paper, or census for Louise and my great grandfather. (james?) I'm starting to think he was not real.

His Grandfather is named- maybe James.. can not find any records on him.

I also know that Michael (my great-grandfather) may have had siblings named Joseph (may actually be my great grandfather due to birth dates recently discovered), jimmy, johnny and a sister named frances Milaccio as well. And a few half siblings from his mother (louise) and step-father (ralph) named frankie, Pasquelo, and christine Schiano.

So if anyone could help my family and I it would be greatly appreciated. We have truly hit a dead end.(

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