Looking for Macaluso/Ferrante in or around Palermo, Sicily

Posted by Stacey R. on November 04, 2014 at 17:21:39:

Hi! My family and I are doing research on our family heritage. There are so many
things that we do and don't know about our history, and so many questions.
We're trying to find out all the information we can, whether it be from relatives
still IN Italy ((which would be wonderful)) or other relatives who are trying to
achieve the same goals as us. We'd love to connect and swap information and

My great great grandparents are where I would like to begin. They were both born
in the mid 1800's and then they travelled to America. Well, we're not sure if my
great great grandmother made it to America before she passed away. The
remaining family members docked in New York.

My great great grandmother is Rose Angela Ferrante. Her name is a bit of a
mystery. Through family stories, and actual documents her children filled out, we
have seen her name depicted many ways. We've seen it referred to as Rose, Rose
Angela, Rosa Angela, Angela, and Angelina. The last name is always the same,
Ferrante, but the way they write the first ((and how it's been passed down in
stories)) is that she went by all these names, but we aren't so sure.

Anyways, Rose Angela Ferrante, we believe, never made it the United States.
Stories in our family say that she passed away before she came over.
She married Giuseppe Macaluso, son of Giovanni Macaluso. He came over in the
1900's, but through stories we have heard he was extradited back to Sicily. Here's
where it gets a bit confusing, try to stay with me.

Rose Angela and Giuseppe had 3 Sons. Francesco (Frank), Ernesto (Ernie), and
Ruggiero (Rogers).

Francesco was born in Palermo, Sicily abt. 25 April 1878. He was married 3 times.
1902 - Married Nellie Cammerato in New York.
Anywhere from 1903 - 1910 - Married to Marie Cammerato in New York. He had
3 Children with her: Angelina (born abt. 1907), Annie (unknown, died young),
Giuseppe (born abt. 1909) all in New York.
1934 - Married Maria (Mary) Agresti in Lodi, NJ. Had 1 stepdaughter, Sadie

Ernesto was born in Palermo, Sicily abt. 3 August 1874. He married an Anna,
whose last name we don't know. We are not sure if they had any children.

Ruggiero ((it changed to Rogers when they came over) was born in Palermo, Sicily
abt. 1 January 1886. He married Chiarina ((Sometimes Katherine)) Russo. They
had 6 Children. Angelina (1911), Joseph (1914), Alfred (1922), Anna (1927) in
New York, and Phillip (1932) and Erminia (1934) in Lodi, NJ. Phillip died at age 16
from Epilepsy.

Now it gets more confusing, those are their three sons. However, Giuseppe also
had more children with other women. Those children, with unknown mothers, are
Anna, Enrico (Harry), Phillip, Joseph, and 4 more whose names we don't have.
There were 11 kids in total for Giuseppe. My aunt wrote down all of their names
that my grandmother told her but she can't find the list at the moment. Those are
the names she remembers.

Anna and Phillip, on an Ancestry.com Census from 1915 in New York, were living
with only their mother, Rose Macaluso. We're not sure they're the same family,
but coincidentally three names match.

Enrico (Harry) was born about 1878 in Palermo, Sicily. His mother, according to
his death certificate, is listed as Angela Ferrante. ((See what I mean about it
getting weird)).
He was married to Elizabeth (Lizzie). We don't have any maiden name information
on her.

Jospeh we have no information on.

At this point, we are started to wonder if Giuseppe was having kids with a group
of sisters, since they all seem to have the same last name and similar first names
going around. It is possible that the stories are wrong and the other siblings
weren't half-siblings, but my grandmother ((Erminia Macaluso Safonte, she is
Ruggiero's youngest daughter)) got these stories from her parents.

We're looking for any help to clarify information and figure out just what is what
in our history so we know. It's a mystery that we'd like to solve. It would be great
if we could find their birth certificates from Palermo, as well as Giuseppe's
marriage certificate ((or certificates, if there were more than one)). And Rose
Angela's death certificate, if she did die in Italy. It would really be interesting to
see what all of this means. If anyone has any information, or would like to swap,
we are always willing to swap info. But the Italian certificates would be amazingly
helpful with documentation and name.

If you need me to provide marriage names for any of the kids I didn't list, I will be
happy to do so all you need to do ask. I realize some people are as far down the
line as us and want to make sure it's the same people. You can reach us by email
at MacalusoSafonteFamily@gmail.com


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