Marcone - Campelli families from Tossicia

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Looking for relatives of Diego Marcone and Annunziata Campelli. She came to Baltimore, Maryland in 1916 with children Luigi, Mario, Sara, Teresa, and Mary. Ascanio was born here. Diego came here several times before then. I am a granddaughter of Luigi. Mario visited family in Italy several times during his life. Would like to know family information of brothers, sisters and parents of Diego and Annunziata as well as who is still living in Italy.

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From records made available online at
  • Immigration manifest [(Ellis Island), 1892-1924 Roll 2499, vol 5810-5811, 4 Nov 1916] for Annunziata Campelli mentions relative in Italy brother in law Francesco Urbani. There are still Urbani in Tossicia.
  • Immigration manifest [Roll 1435, vol 3157-3158, 22 Mar 1910] for Diego Marcone mentions he is directed to brother in law Campelli Ascanio, he is traveling with Campelli --erino, 19 brother of Ascanio
  • Record of death of Campelli Ascanio in WW1: born in Tossicia 1889, died in battle 3 Aug 1916, son of Roberto; buried on the battlefield.
  • Marriage record in Teramo, 25 Aug 1917, no.47: Di Dionisio Francesco, 25, born in Teramo of late Pasquale and Mobilii Assunta; with Filomena Campelli born in Tossicia, 33, domiciled in Teramo, of Roberto and Anna Maria Di Bonaventura domiciled in Teramo.
  • Death record in Teramo from the hospital, 4 March 1927 , no.53: Sebastiano Campelli born in Tossicia, domiciled in Teramo, of Roberto and Anna Domenica Di Bonaventura, husband of Palma Di Luzio, age 44.
  • Marriage record in Teramo, 22 Feb 1913, no.24: Battista Campelli born in Tossicia, 26, coppersmith, domiciled in Tossicia, of Roberto and Annamaria Di Bonaventura domiciled in Tossicia; with Paolini Leonilda, 26, born and domiciled in Teramo, of late Giovanni and late Monaco Giovanna

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