Bastianelli & Pollastrelli families from Colonnella

Posted by Lisa D on March 08, 2014 at 02:35:15:

I'm trying to research my great grandparents who came from Colonnella Italy in 1913 to Pennsylvania. My great grandfathers is Alesandro (some records spelled Aleandro) Bastianelli born on January 1st 1889 in Colonnella and my great grandmother was Diodata Pollastrelli born November 16th 1900.

Any history regarding them or their parents/ siblings would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you. Lisa D.

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From records made available online at
  • Immigration manifest [(Ellis Island), 1892-1924 Roll 2161, vol 4905-4907, 26 Aug 1913] of Alessandro, 24, mentions wife Diodata Pollastrelli as contact in Italy, directed to brother in law Pollastrelli Aleandro.
  • Immigration manifest [(Ellis Island), Roll 2771, vol 6437-6438, 27 May 1920-29 May 1920] of Diodata Pollastrelli 29 contact in Italy mother Vincenza Costantini, place of birth Colonnella.

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